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5 June
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My name is Ashleigh, but you can call me Hash, im 17, I have many interests which you can read on my info page, my favorite band is something corporate and has been for many years, even though I always get obsessed over other bands like at the moment its simple plan, I like listening to loud music, I mean what’s the point if its quiet, I like playing my music loudly when the gay little raver kids are outside cos it pisses them off, I like going to gigs, I like dancing to bands like the hitchers its mighty fun, I like sitting on my own and just thinking about stuff, I like to daydream, I think I have ADD in fact I am pretty sure of it, I waste my money on pointless crap, I LOVE pop punk no matter how much I get mocked for it, I hate how all the good pop punk bands have gotten all serious, it sucks majorly, I like to laugh, I like getting piercings, im already planning for the tattoos, I like buying shoes, that about all I can think of, anyway this is my journal which unfortunately is friends only, mean unless I add you or you ask me to add you or you can NOT read this, get that, good now do what you need to do read it add me or FUCK OFF!! Thank you for your time good bye!!!!!

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